Sometimes upgrades for new programs look exactly like the old program, but this simply isn’t true for the new Photoshop. Not only was the preview available widely to the public, it was completely free – the changes were so huge that without a preview, it would be hard to believe it was Photoshop at all.

Adobe Photoshop 6 has been set for release in June, and for now, the free preview is still available. You do have to register for the website and what Adobe does with the information you give them is unknown at this time.

There are some pretty neat new features that are worth mentioning, such as a new cropping tool that defaults to the edges of the photo. Since most cropping is done from edges in, this subtle addition allows for quicker reframing. You can also move the entire photo around the crop area, so if you have a set size you are looking for, you can get the photo in that area.

One of the most exciting features in the new Photoshop is the ability to edit video. Video can now be edited on a ‘timeline’, which is similar to how Windows Movie Maker works. As you open a clip, an editing window pops up to make it very easy where to make an appropriate cut for maximum smoothness. Even though video transitions are limited to fades, you can do burn effects on any stills you drag into your movie.

In all, there are 60% more features in the new Photoshop CS 6 than there were in the last version, and 65 of those were requested by users. One of the new features that was requested is a new interface, which Adobe obliged happily – they redesigned some 1,800 icons and 250 cursors for a more intuitive and easy to learn design.

If you have a spare moment, taking a gander at the new layout and CS6 features is worth an hour or two of your time.