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How Twitter Makes Money Revealed

Plenty of people use Twitter every single day to talk about what they wish to talk about in under 140 characters. The tweet is then published to a feed that transmits to any number of followers. Bigger tweeters have thousands ...

Google+ is Breaking Out the Big Guns

Since Google+ launched Hangouts, there have been a number of features that the users have been waiting to be implemented. This week, Google+ finally paid out and added the ability to make phone calls to almost any phone number – ...

Spam Filters are Not What They Used to Be

One of the companies that tests commercial spam filters, Virus Bulletin, has discovered some startling news as of late – spam filters aren't getting any better at their jobs. In fact, the last time they tested a round of filters, ...

The Retina Display Comes to the New iPhone's bigger screen

Apple's new Retina display has already been released on the 3.5 inch iPhone 4S and the 9.8 inch iPad, making the new XL iPhone the third device if Apple's to have a retina display screen. Apple's retina display screen technology ...

Ready to Start Purchasing With Your Phone?

The smartphone and tablet industry is at it again. New mobile payment systems are constantly being introduced to the market, poised to start providing customers with a hundred different ways to pay for their purchase – and not just with ...

New Photoshop Beta Is Stylish, Intricate, and an Excellent Upgrade

Sometimes upgrades for new programs look exactly like the old program, but this simply isn’t true for the new Photoshop. Not only was the preview available widely to the public, it was completely free – the changes were so huge ...

Stop Snoops with Private Browsing and by Clearing Your Web Browsing History

With so many of us working at home these days, it’s worth remembering that spouses, children, and housemates may have easy physical access to your Mac. And, particularly if you share a Mac with them, you might want to consider ...


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